Our products have passed FSC® certification

One of the key principles of the FSC®  system is transparency, traceability and openness. To verify the authenticity of the FSC®  -certified product, it is possible to find its manufacturer in an open international database http://info.fsc.org. The information about companies is entered into the database by representatives of certification bodies.

Each company receives a FSC®   certification code when issued with the FSC®   certificate: XXX-XXX – ######, where the first set of letters is an abbreviation of the certification body that provided the services of the company, the second set of letters refers to the type of certification – FM (system certification Forestry), CoC (Supply Chain Certification), CW (Controlled Timber Certification), or FM / CoC (Forestry and Domestic Supply Chain Certification), the following six digits are a unique number for this company.

Each FSC®   certificate has a unique license number for the use of the FSC®  -C ###### trademark. Today, the license number is indicated on the marking of FSC®  -certified products, instead, the certification code is indicated in the commercial documents, as well as on some goods that were released for sale before changing the rules for marking FSC®  -certified products.