Edge glued panels (furniture panels) are one of the most common materials in construction, and it is popular because the modern production technologies prevent its deformation. The furniture panels can be solid or finger jointed, and it is made of natural oak, beech and ash wood.

LLC “Perspectiva” – a modern Ukrainian woodworking company that producing material from solid of wood wide range for more than 10 years.

We pay a lot of attention to the level of training and professionalism of our employees and reliable equipment for processing products. The company uses high-quality equipment of leading manufacturers from Germany and the Netherlands, and drying chambers with a capacity of 800 m3. Production volume of the furniture panel is currently about 400 m3 per month.

We have an individual approach to meet the customer’s requirements. All products have passed FSC®     certification.

In woodworking we use equipment that is recognized as the best in this field. We are trusted in many countries of the European Union, where we successfully export our products.

Max. dimensions: 45x1300x5000mm. We also produce two-, three- and multi-layer furniture boards.

We produce high quality solid and finger jointed furniture panels made of oak, beech and ash. Quality A/B, Rustic, B/C, C/C, D/D. We also produce Fuel Briquettes of the RUF type (a biofuel made from an organic product that is highly efficient and environmentally friendly).

We carry out individual orders.