Eco-friendly fuel briquette made of hardwood sawdust. RUF briquettes are the most common type of briquettes due to the best combination of price and quality and compact size.

No adhesives are used in its manufacture. As a result, no harmful substances are formed when burning briquettes for heating. Bonding of fuel briquettes occurs at the expense of sawing.

RUF fuel briquettes are the most technological type of wood briquettes. They are ideal for firing pyrolysis boilers, increasing their power several times. You can also use briquettes for heating in all types of furnaces and fireplaces, increasing their heat output by several times.

Does not contain chemical additives. The RUF briquette can be used in all types of solid fuel boilers, furnaces, fireplaces and braziers. The RUF briquette easily flares and has a long burning time. When burned, almost no smoke.

  • Humidity – 8-10%
  • Ash content – 0.5-1%
  • Calorific value – 4000-4826 kcal / kg